Tank Inspections on Torrence street

no image On 10/01/2010 checkup no. DOEINS3681 was performed. The Historic Dept Of Environment was asked for help due to tank inspections. The object of this inspection was a house placed at 10302 Torrence street. The specific coordinates of this place called Torrence Bp are: 10302 S Torrence Ave Chicago, Illinois (41 708125, -87 559691). The information about this checkup was updated on 01/01/2012. An examinator responsible for this case left a note: operator had a spill kit in place (nov previously served) operator had furnished records of previous year's surface cleaning winthin the 7 day period to do so the records do not cover prior to 2009 because the operator took control of the property in 2009 .

Inspections within the land of California

Demolition/Asbestos on Honore street thumb

Demolition/Asbestos on Honore street

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