Solid Waste Inspections on Francisco street

no image On 03/04/2009 investigation number DOEINS77123 was carried out. The Historic Dept Of Environment was called due to solid waste inspections. The object of this control was a house situated at 317 Francisco street. The exact coordinates of this place known as Seaton are: 317 N Francisco Ave Chicago, Illinois (41 887415, -87 698914). The info about this checkup was updated on 01/01/2012. An inspector assigned to this case left a comment: upon arrival at this paper recycler, i observed the facility had a current permit the facility had proper record keeping and i observed no prohibited goods at this time the material is load checked for acceptable items the frontage of the facility was clean of shopping carts and trash cans the facility performed bad housekeeping and could do better the facility had just enough fire suspression to past inspection the material is sorted in a timely fashion and stored according to permit regulations i observed basic labeling of all stored material the processing equipment has been given certificates the facility has had some enforcement history but none recently the owner has once again started scraping trailers he has applied to change his permit, after i issued a citation i issued a final warning about housekeeping i issued no novs at this time .

Inspections within the land of California

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