Solid Waste Inspections on 96Th street

no image On 08/03/2010 checkup no. DOEINS77618 was conducted. The Historic Dept Of Environment was asked for help due to solid waste inspections. The target of this action was an edifice situated at 3200 96Th street. The exact coordinates of this place called Sim's are: 3200 E 96Th St Chicago, Illinois (41 720351, -87 545958). The description of this investigation was changed on 01/01/2012. An examinator responsible for this case commented: investigator kaehler conducted a routine inspection of the sims metal management recycling site i spoke and toured the site with ray and erika of sims metal management site has removed the accumulation of rerun scrap, keeping materials wet while loading operations and sweeping the paved areas of the yard since my last inspection the site has finished the installation of the 2 new pieces of equipment ( ics - induction separation ) to the ecs the equipment will recycle more scrap metal, called zorba from the waste fluff stream a mobile ecs to assist with the processing of the asr has been installed site receives and processes approx 1,500 tons of shredder residue / scrap daily shredder residue is transferred from metal management's main yard to this site to be processed through the eddy current system site conditions: 1 a new 500 gallon fuel tank has been installed on a concrete pad under a roof pad has an approx 6 inch lip on three sides and is tilted toward the rear of pad a spill kit is located in this area virgin oil & anti-freeze is stored inside the maintenance shed located along the southeastern area of the site drums and tanks have secondary containment 2 the access roadway around the office building has been paved with asphalt the site utilizes a water truck to suppress any dust emissions from the roadways the site utilizes the new water mister to suppress particulate emissions during loading operations, when weather permits site is maintaining a sweeping and water truck log 3 deflector shields / enclosure systems for the ics conveyors have been installed this will help fine particulate from becoming windborne at the discharge points ray stated he has started to make corrections to the few conveyors on the ecs emitting fine particulate 4 the site has poured new concrete along the southeastern area of the site along with an asphalt access roadway on the west concrete slab is being used for storage of processed asr at this time and the new ecs mobile plant the pad runs south of the office building to the steel plate storage area, west of the ecs to the access roadway 5 site has finished installing new equipment to the ecs the equipment is located just south of the in feed hopper the new equipment will allow them to recycle more metals ( non- ferrous & zorba ) from the asr fines before land filling they have received their installation permit for the new equipment 6 approx 10 cubic yards of finish product is stored south of the eddy current this material is processed from the shredder residue piles stored to the north of the eddy current and transferred to this site from metal management's shredding plants an approx 300 cubic yards of aluminum & zorba scrap is stored west of the ics for loading into shipping containers 7 this site currently has approx 900 tons of asr stored on site site is currently processing the asr .

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