Miscellaneous Inspection on Elston street

no image On 12/08/2009 inspection no. DOEINS53337 was performed. The Historic Dept Of Environment was called due to miscellaneous inspection. The target of this action was an edifice situated at 2256 Elston street. The exact coordinates of this place called Vacant Business are: 2256 N Elston Ave Chicago, Illinois (41 923128, -87 674627). The info about this checkup was last changed on 01/01/2012. An examinator assigned to this case commented: upon arrival i met with the property owner, mr allan m freiman and he directed me to the rear of said property where i observed a vacant and dark (no lights) bakery/caf? the business closed down approximately 6-8 months ago he claims he had vehicles stored and spaces rented out a couple of years ago but i observed no evidence of illegal mvr activity at the time there is only bakery equipment on site that was left behind, no further action needed at this time .
Gdyńska 54
61-016 Poznań

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